Monday, November 16, 2009

Perhaps I'll talk a little more about rowing?

Because, I'll admit, my days are becoming pretty halcyonic here, and we apparently all need occasional heart stops to appreciate all the goodness we have, or perhaps the rightness of a thing when it returns to what it should be. All this to say, I just completely lost the last post, it was just gone, after over an hour writing and then perfecting. And I SAW it save! Multiple times! SAW it! But, thank the back-button gods, the slight wisp of a chance of the back button reigning indeed brought it back to me again, now safely posted. Despair averted! I had a moment thinking -- if I retype it RIGHT now, will I remember the essence of what I said? Of course I would, but getting the nuances of it all right, saying it the way I'd settled on as the right way, that would have been altered, and there's nothing like that to drive an editor-type mad....

I managed another 7 miles this morning (count: 218.5 miles and growing!), but with some wind and tiredness from yesterday's late-afternoon row, I admit today was much more about putting the miles in than the bliss of yesterday. S'OK, it all makes for a balanced existence, right? I'm debatably pleased to say my hands were what were giving out first, followed by that little connecting point between one's glutes and hamstrings that nothing, but nothing, like sculling can exactly, perfectly nail. My abs also frequently, helpfully pointed out that apparently I'm not working them often enough except in Saturday boxing class. Aches, pains, creaks, torn-up skin ... I'll happily take it in the name of rowing.

I do seem to talk a fair amount about rowing, don't I? It's been a pretty key facet of my being for the last, wow, 9-plus years. And, as every rower knows, it has that addictive quality that gets down under your skin, way deep inside.... But, yes, there is plenty more than rowing in the world (I guess) and my existence, so I'll work on broadening here. But I sit here and think about my life, that I'm in this transition state from one world to the next -- well, to an interim world, perhaps, then a next. And I think as with other big life transition points, rowing sure helps me along. It's funny, it's a combination of opposites -- of intense physical work, and equally intense mental focus. It's the power of the drive, and then the relaxed glide of the recovery. It's got a million technical aspects to think about, and yet it's also the same motion, stroke after stroke. It can be the challenge of syncing up of eight individuals, or the insularity of just pulling yourself together in a single. It's taught me about pushing to limits and beyond, about team, about individual responsibility and accountability, about grace and inner steel, accepting at times crushing defeats with head held high, and celebrating every victory along the way. And so much more. That you'll all get to hear about, lucky you.

Huh, so in trying to talk about things OTHER than rowing, I talked a lot more about rowing, didn't I? Well, no matter, tomorrow I get to try again with additional topics.

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