Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wish me will

I've talked about Steven Pressfield here before, right? Pretty sure I have. Pretty sure I exhorted all y'all to go buy The War of Art post-haste (so, didja, huh??). The man ... he knows some serious, important shit, that's all.

Fortunately for me and the world that's paying attention, he also blogs, about military and war stuff (tribes is his thing, but I confess to not reading that stuff -- yet), but he also does a Writing Wednesday series where every (guess when??) he writes along the same theme as The War of Art. He also has another more sporadic Creative Process series that already looks interesting.
Before I forget, if nothing else, check it out: You can link to his other stuff from there.

He blows me away. Like, he regularly brings me to tears, not in a gushy way, but in a goosebumpy-I-am-staring-into-the-face-of-Truth-and-I-better-sit-up-and-take-notice kind of way.

So I'm really, really trying to.

I'm not gonna say much more because he says it better than I ever could. Just, dang.

This week's post was titled Do It Anyway. He's got a point.

My takehome, that might sound embarrassingly obvious (i.e., stupid) is that while I'm trying to do this build-a-business/support-myself-freelancing thing is to ... do my work first.

I mean, I'm still gonna row at (slightly after) crack of dawn because that's when the coached session is (or whatever other morning workout I may have outside my time control), but that's only a few mornings a week, and this rule can apply fluidly all around that.

See, the thing is, it's really easy to do everything else first, then ease into work. Except, you can see where this is going, right? Sometimes, that takes way too long. Not if I have a project to work on, that's no problem. But when it comes to MY stuff -- you know, things like, oh, writing my website content and getting the site up so my networking can go that much further and I can be that much more visible.... Yeah. Suddenly, my, true, in-need-of-cleaning home becomes a screaming imperative to do so immediately. Or something else that must be done but ... at the expense of my work? Not anymore.

Of course, the terrifying thing is that I'm saying this before, you know, the three of you, which makes it all the more real. Also, this new experiment will be easy to do at first, I know it. It was today. It's in a few weeks, somewhere in there, it'll become hellishly hard. Or maybe tomorrow, who knows.

Shaping patterns, habits -- really, it's building on his last week's post, doing what he calls "training the will." So simple, so genius. Wish me luck. Wish me will.


  1. I'm a believer in doing the needed before the wanted. I stratify needs in my life so that when I am faced with decisions, I can refer to said strata. Good luck on bible textbook reading adventures. And sad to hear there will be a lull in Mauricio updates.

  2. This strata sounds wise. Maybe I need a strata. But I'd have to name it. Then it would become an entity. And then maybe it'd start bossing me around. And make me wear purple. Blek, would hate that. But still, an idea worth considering.

    Yep, it's a Mauricio lull until September, I do believe....