Tuesday, May 4, 2010

It's a list thang

Cool things from my mini dusky stroll tonight:
  • A pair o ducks, he-duck and she-duck, waddling through the park's grass (not the nearby water, just out for a stroll on the grass)
  • Tulips! Tulips. Growing out of the ground. The Californian in me marvels yet. One eyecatcher: white tulips with blood-red streaks.
  • The most amazing post-storm near-dusk lighting. Can't describe.
Things on my couch:
  • Me
  • Hence, my laptop
  • Gato 1
  • Gato 2
  • 2 pillows, oops, I mean 3. 2 match.
  • A blue blanket adored by said gatos
  • A white blanket I've kept from the gatos. So far.
Annoyances (the petty ones)
  • The length of my hair in back
  • That I can't remember the other, more interesting thing I was going to write about
  • That a river of dark chocolate has yet to materialize in my backyard
Work-type thoughts
  • I keep forgetting to give more frequent updates, don't I? One of the purported purposes of this here blog.
  • Why do I forget to give more frequent updates? Sometimes they don't feel so interesting. Sometimes I forget I haven't been talking about it. Sometimes, it's just all so in my head, it's hard to untangle, or it just wants to stay in my head for the moment.
  • What else? Had a little run of grant-y things. Kinda cool. Not sure what paying project comes next -- vague possibilities not-yet materialized.
  • Meeting a few folks in the next few weeks, so that's always good.
  • Immediate focus: website. Get it done. Done enough. Just a start. Get it up.
Words I can't type without typos (naturally, words I type all the time)
  • About
  • Sometimes
  • Course
  • (there are more currently conveniently eluding my grasp)

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