Tuesday, May 25, 2010

God laughs

For so many reasons.

Most recently, I just glanced down the list of post titles and saw "The Weekender: It's Winter. The end." posted a mere ... twoish weeks ago? Today, it was supposed to hit 90. And it's still plenty toasty in my closed-up-with-what-was-cool-morning-air home. Ah, Boston, how do I love you? Let me count the ways.

But how I originally thought of the title was from last night.

I walk in to do my reading/recording ... and I get the Bible textbook again! For real. Geez, people.... I mean, it's kinda funny, even I get that (and you who know me are undoubtedly getting your year's worth of entertainment here) -- sure, make the heathen read Bible stuff! At least it's textbook and not the Bible itself ... can you imagine??

It actually reminded me of my very brief flirtation with church/Christianity when I was a kid and social pressures were starting to exert and I was the odd one out on the religion front. So I decided I was going to read the Bible. The whole thing. Can't remember how far I got (no way past Exodus, if even that far), but man ... oh man....

So last night, my Bible textbook chapter was about Revelations. Cheery stuff. My main complaint is all the damn hard-to-pronounce names -- who named these people?? Plus the names of the Roman emperors thrown in ... dang. Let's see ... Dom ... no, it's already left my head. But I had to go look up the pronunciation.

So, yeah, god laughs, right there. Made me think of a line I just read in Dark Tower, a reference to how when god wants to laugh, he listens to someone saying never. OK, that was a terrible paraphrasing, but would take to long to find the real deal.


On the work front ... I got a very nice turndown from one of the part-time positions -- the kind that winds up making you feel good, you know? The person said I was a good fit for the position, but that they were actually looking for someone in Chicago (oops), but she'd keep my resume on file in case....

Went to an editorial freelance meting tonight that was ... exceedingly odd. And awkward. In the basement of a library in the suburbs of Arlington, guess that should've been a tipoff, but it didn't hit me til I spent an hour fighting traffic to get there ... "hey, I wonder why the Boston-area meeting is here, that's weird...." Indeed. Was a lovely library, I'll say that.

I'm off to find some cool air for sleeping....

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