Monday, May 10, 2010

Me & the Bible

'cause we go together like (crossed fingers) that.

Show up to read at Recording for Blind & Dyslexic, and what book do I pull out? Not the actual Bible, that would've been an awesome topper. No, but ... OK, I already forgot the name but it was essentially a textbook ON the Bible.

Go ahead. Finish your laughter. No, no, I'll wait. All you who know me, get it out now, otherwise you'll be guffawing and chortling your whole way through.

I think my starting exclamation was dear god. And, since I was raised a heathen and know jack about the Bible apart from what I've picked up along the way (central to Christianity, you say? hmmmmmm, fascinating), I don't know JACK of the names and all. So my swears progressed to dramatically more blasphemous. And then, quoting the verses right? Uhhhhhhhh. And the abbreviations?? Don't get me started on abbreviations! WHAT does "cf." mean?? What? TELL ME, someone!

Anyway, I made it through. That's all the story I got in me today....


  1. "cf" is like a reference to another passage of the Bible to reinforce the meaning of the current passage. It's like a textbook referring you to a paragraph in the previous chapter that you swore you read but, upon review, doesn't even jog your memory and you start to wonder if you're actually picking anything up when you're reading.

  2. a-HA! Amazing! Wonderful! The blinding light of knowledge, thank the lord! No, thank YOU, Lounge Act! Whoever you may be. Do I actually know you? No matter, you are now my favorite person. I was seriously wondering. Not enough to actually look it up, true, but I'm not exactly GoogleGirl. Now, the BONUS round question is - how does one SAY this cf business? Like, do you just say, Corinthians 4:90 (of course I'm making this up) cf Genesis 1:1?? Or are there secret words you say in place of cf?? In case I'm again called upon to read Biblically, of course....

  3. Funny you should ask about the usage of cf. I've always only seen it in academic literature such as bloated texts of history. It would be akin to making a statement and then referencing other work or literature as a point of comparison but not for further information. For example "The evolution of human beings has taken millions of years and produced a varied but adaptive species (cf. dumbasses that believe in creationism)". I don't think you actually know me because I don't know you, other than the blog.

  4. Well, then you're my double favorite if you only know me via bloggage - big thanks for coming by to read AND comment (you hear that, you silent 3 others who read?? s'ok, I love you guys, too).

    And, v good to know about all-things cfage. Hopefully I won't be called upon to read any more Bible texts....