Monday, May 3, 2010

The Weekender: Requiem for a squirrel ... not to mention our clean water supply ... and Louisiana wildlife

Well, geez, that's a large requiem. I thought one for the squished squirrel in my driveway was bad enough, and suddenly, it exponentially expanded. Bad stuff.

I came home from boxing Saturday afternoon, parked in my spot behind the house, and was walking down the driveway when I saw, not just a dead squirrel, but a dramatically dead squirrel -- on its back (sorry, no clue if it was Mr or Ms Squirrel), spreadeagle. I kid you not. It was v sad. And, worst of all, I was afraid I'd been the one to hit it. Well, maybe that's not worst of all, certainly not from the squirrel's perspective. But it made me feel extra bad. I didn't see it coming down the driveway. But I didn't feel any kind of a thump. I dunno. Poor squirrel. Complicating matters, he also might've been our Trashcan Squirrel. I'd been meaning to write about him (OK, or her -- Unknown-Gender Squirrel of the Trashcan). I'll see what happens with trash this week and keep you updated, fear not.

And, clean drinking water -- geez! Won't spend too many words here because you can get plenty of them in the news. But, of course, TV-less here, I don't find out til the next morning when I'm reading the paper, drinking, yes, my bottle of tapwater. Ahhhh! It's OK, I seem to be surviving without any ill effects. Save my arms. But that's not related to the water supply. See below. The main pieces here are that I think the city somehow should've sent me a text, although I logically get they probably didn't have my number. But still. A more valid annoyance is that (online arm of Boston Globe) sends me news alerts via email, but somehow, somehow, this didn't rise to a news alert? Really?

So, spent lots of time boiling water and storing it in every bottle and pot and bowl I own. And, discovering boiled water tastes terrible. Who knew? Can't figure out what to do with dishwashing scenario. On a serious note, of course it reminds me of how stunningly good we have it, because there are millions of people on this planet who have this as their lifelong reality, and plenty more who have no running water, let alone a convenient gas stove to boil it on, let alone all the others who have no water at all. And yes, I do still want to know when my drinkable water will be back; I'm already tired of the "days, not weeks" proclamations I keep hearing in the news. Thanks, guys, way to be specific. I guess "we don't know" sounds too scary?

Sucio just let out a stretch-squeak. Awesome sound effect. If only I could embed audio files. Well, and I had the noise in an audio file.

And Louisiana, dang. I really don't have adequate words there. Just ... dear god. When will we learn? Ever?

And, and I have this residual pull-up problem that is killing me! Every time I straighten my arms, it feels like when you straighten a limb after having it folded for many hours - that exact achey feeling. It actually happens when I bend my arms, too. So it's tricky. Do I walk around with perfectly straight arms all the time, like a robot? Or just keep them bent, but live in fear, knowing there will be a straightening moment that hurts in direct proportion to how long it's been bent? It's a problem. Delayed onset muscle soreness, the very, very best kind. Yes, undoubtedly I should go do more pull-ups. No, I'm not really going to do that. The day's workouts will have to suffice.

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