Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Friends with talents

Drizzly grey morning here. Cozy. Gatos curled up into little (or not-so-little, in Sucio's case) balls of fur, noses tucked in, butt to butt alongside me. It's sort of adorable, but of course there was a minor catfight this morning to keep things balanced. Ah, power dynamics.

So, I should back up and talk about the coolest parts of this weekend before I forget them. Not that they are forgettable, just that my brain, oh, it's distractable -- hey, what's that shiny thing ove....

Saturday was the second and unfortunately final performance (well, for the now) of this very interesting and cool collaboration of dance, music and rap/spoken word/singing. Anna Myer, the mastermind behind it, called it a "rap opera," but we weren't so sure we agreed with that. I think we came up with "rap ballet" (right, guys?). The rap/poetry was powerful stuff, with some amazing dancing in there.

But, from an entirely unbiased perspective, I can say the most amazing and powerful part was when my friend (oh yes, I'm totally calling you out), Sam Martinborough, sang. Here, check out his website, in fact. I can factually say he just about blew the roof off the church with the too-short solo he got. Because I can see you think I'm biased, I can smugly say the other super-fun part was hanging around a little bit afterward and hearing everyone come up to him and say the same thing.

His mind-blowing part came at the end when singers magically popped up in the aisles of the church, each singing a piece of Amazing Grace (yes, love that one), ending with all on stage, singing together. All the singers were good, but no one came close to him. My favorite comment came from a woman who came up to him after, looked him up and down, and said, "Where does that come from?" He's not what you would call a big guy (well, physically), but his voice is that of a towering giant's.

The other cool weekend culture was getting to see some of Jessamyn's large-scale outdoors/travel photography at an exhibit as part of Newton Open Studios. That latter link will give you a small-scale taste; I loved the triptych she used on the postcard. Equally amazing were the other photos that were actually photo collages -- but you couldn't really tell that they were. It was super cool -- she (OK, I don't know photography technology so I'm playing fast & furious with words here) spliced together pieces of images from a bunch of different negatives, but what you see is one seamless picture. My thought looking at it was how crazy it was that it looked like reality, yet wasn't. Or, was a new, altered reality, so a different kind of reality, perhaps. But not a reality you could go to the actual place and see. Crazycool.

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