Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Income, you say?

Oh, maybe it's time for another (boringish?) work update? Truly, I don't think what I'm doing is boring, but since a large amount of what I'm doing is trying to figure out what I'm doing and make it happen on the freelance writing/editing front ... I figure it's somewhat limited interest, and I suppose I only want to flail so much in public. I mean, more than I already do.

Met with a new copyeditor last week and it was a little refreshing to have someone else seek the informational interview rather than me for a change! Of course, a lot of what we wound up talking about was freelancing, so see paragraph above....

Am having lunch with a grantwriter tomorrow, looking forward to that. Lots of grants pieces/potentials blowing in the wind as of late, and I think it's a great realm to have experience. Compared to marketing-y and communications-y projects that I like but somehow feel squishy, grantwriting seems very clear, concrete. It's not all I want to do, but it would be nice to have that be an ongoing piece of what I do. I think.

Otherwise, it's me working away on whatever projects pop up from friends/folks I know/new contacts, time to start pitching the veterans article (I really do love article writing), ever trying to continually reach out and network, figure out where the people are I need to connect with, learn from other freelancers, get the website finished (finally made content progress, now to rescue the site itself from a bit of limbo so I can upload), find new ways to make myself more visible, meet more people, repeat, repeat.... So simple, but certainly not easy.

I think I need some more tea.

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