Friday, May 21, 2010

Squirrel party on the trash can!

I mean, it is Friday, why not be celebratory about it?!

The squirrels in my yard sure are. Came up the driveway after this morning's great asskicking workout to find 3 of them chillin' on and around the trash cans. Surprised at least one of them wasn't smoking. Party down, send your squirrels on over (not really).

Also, wherever relevant/whenever it dawns on me, I'm going to start a list of Sucio's Scarys b/c, one never knows, there might be a pattern here, there might just be key information for all of us.

Today's item on Sucio's Scarys List: lip gloss, clear w/ glitter, candy-smelling scary! (note, on a person, not a tube of it. that would just be silly.)

I was going to try to re-create a list of all the prior Scarys, but I fear I wouldn't do him, or them, adequate justice, so I'll just compile as I go. Past Scarys are bound to be Current and even Future.

Last thing, on this Friday, I advocate dessert before dinner. Perhaps frozen yogurt with hot fudge, followed by something Mexican? Just an idea.

Happy Weekending, y'all. I'm'a goin' CAMPING!!

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