Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The painting of the blue (or, summertime)

I never managed to post those early signs-o-spring photos I took or to finish marveling at how things were turning green everywhere and how there are leaves on all the trees before it suddenly became days of 80 degrees ... hi, summer?

So, I turn to signs o summer:
  • Summer walks -- beginning with the inaugural multi-mile/hour walk through the city in flipflops on a warm summer night. Walking across the Mass Ave bridge, warm wind blowing, city lights shining, I shook my head and sighed at the wonder of it all, just like I do every time I cross that bridge at night.
  • Summer storms! They're starting! The day will start with sun, then suddenly turn a dark stormy grey, trees will begin whipping outside, and yeah, I get all excited. Haven't seen thunder AND lightning as of yet, but it's coming, I know it.
  • Then there was the recent (relevant) utterance I was requested to include here: You know it's summer when the toilet's sweating. Seriously. I wasn't trying to be remotely funny when I said it, it's a fact of humid summer life. Or, as I like to say/think: it's tropical, y'all!
  • Painted toenails -- also known as ... the painting of the blue (as in, favorite polish color). But with serious runner-up props I have to say -- my lifting coach this morning had her toenails the exact, I mean, precise (dyed to match??), shade of lovely light springy green as her flipflops. It was a marvel. Since I'm lagging on the painting o the blue, in spite of warmth & flipflop appearances, I am the same shade as her toenails with envy. BUT WAIT: In a breaking-news update ... due to the inspiration of a networking meeting in sandals (not a rule for the meeting or anything, altho that would be cool) ... THE TOENAILS HAVE THEIR FIRST COAT O BLUE. Yes!
  • And, flies -- surely a sign o summer, right? But really, it's just an excuse to report that Brave Sucio went fly hunting this morning in the window ledge ... and then ran away. I think the fly scared him. I love him so.

And, hey, it's Cinco de Mayo! Sheesh, you know you're not W Coasting anymore when no one around you knows/comments on this fact.... Someone in CA, drink a Corona for me, please, with extra (well-cut) lime!

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