Monday, May 17, 2010

The Weekender: There was mousing

Weekend highlights!

Adventures in mousing
In which me and the gatos spent some quality time in a small jail (AKA, the bedroom) together to give the little mouse a chance to escape. Look, I felt bad for him.

Here's how it went down:
I got home Saturday evening for what was supposed to be a quick "grab the puzzle [puzzles are VERY useful to have on hand for Saturday night adventures, in case you somehow didn't know this] and some food supplies" that very quickly turned into a pause at the front door b/c, look, there are the adorable gatos, being adorable, which quickly moved to my friend saying "what are they up to?" to then me very quickly realizing they weren't playing, they were in hunt mode, ohno ohno, to next advancing a few steps into the room, to then spying with horror a little grey lump in the corner of the room (Me: "Is there something in the corner? ohmygod ohmygod" Friend: "No, no, nothing there" Me: "Ohno ohno, there is, ohmygod") to Willa spotting the little lump and attacking, and the poor little mouse running for cover behind a rock (it's a different story why I have a rock in my living room, but rest assured, it's a very pretty one) and me shoving Sucio -- actually, what am I saying, I'm sure he ran for it, so me hovering behind Willa saying effective things like "No, Willa! Willa, no!" as Willa completely ignored me, in full huntress mode.

So I finally, bravely grab Willa, toss her in the bedroom with Sucio, close the doors. Then I run into the kitchen, where I've got a back door, open it, vainly hope the mouse will just run out the door. Meantime, Poor Little Mouse is huddled in another corner, my friend stamps, trying to get him to move, and the Poor Little Thing jumps like 2 feet straight vertical and runs into this pantry thing in the kitchen.

Friend suggests the cats might be just the thing to solve the problem, so I have to clarify that I'm worried about the MOUSE, plus, the one thing I despise about cats is how they torment their prey and I want none of that on my watch, PLUS the last thing I want is mouse entrails all over the house ... or on my pillow ... or in a pile next to the bed that I'd step into first thing in the morning. You know it would happen.

As I write this, Sucio is alternately staring me in the face, looking very contented with himself and half-lying on me, purring away. Willa's on the other side, on the beloved blue blanket (note, the same blanket that caused BOTH gatos to curl up next to each other yesterday! it has magic powers), with her head on the little catnip pillow. I kid you not. I've totally lost my place here in gato adorableness. That and a pear.

Okaaaay ... so, yeah, the Poor Mouse. I felt bad for him. Although, I have to admit, I was vexed with him -- I mean, of all the units in the building, why go into the ONE with cats?? Really, dude, that's a Darwin award right there. But I still felt bad. So, after a little debate, I decided to carry on w the original mission, leave the cats in bedroom jail (w food & water & open [screened] windows, so not a terrible jail, no one call SPCA), leave the back door open a little (it doesn't open to the outside, for all the readers worried about my safety & sanity right now), and keep the cats in bedroom jail with me all night. And I very explicitly told the mouse all this before leaving, told him this would be his chance, to run for it, stay away and tell all his friends the drill. So that's what I did.

Gatos were glad to get out of jail the next morning and I haven't seen him, so I'm hoping, hoping he took off ... and isn't eating my appliance tubing, like one of the neighbors. I mean, they ate her tubing, she didn't eat my tubing ... far as I know ... 'cause that would be real weird.

OK, I had no idea the mouse adventure would take that long to tell. There were actually a few cooler adventures, but I've gotta start my day here, so those will have to wait.

OK, I will mention this one b/c it's short: I got a care package from my mom -- I love care packages from my mom. They often have that wonderful combo of randomness, usefulness and glamour. Take note: one electric toothbrush, including two new replacement brush-head-things; two sweaters I inherited (this is supreme awesomeness -- I have a great sweater collection thanks to getting such inheritances -- OK, Willa is now snoring. Which made Sucio purr. Adorableness!), one of them is even stripey [back to sweaters here, people] -- stripey! like a tigger! the other a lovely dark green that Willa promptly laid on to make her own, courtesy of shedded white catfur; AND, last items, stay w me here, a makeup bag with a few of the free gifts you get w purchase and some lipstick inheritances -- this is also how I've gotten a few favorite lipsticks, and if the colors don't work, I didn't spend any money. Only thing it lacked was chocolate, but I've certainly gotten some amazing chocolate care packages as well, so no complaints. OK, the end.

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