Friday, May 7, 2010


Guess what today is, y'all??

Oh, gave it away in the title, did I?

But YES, it's my 5-year Bostonversary! Five whole years. In bed this morning, I was remembering the cross-country drive with my two cats, my dad and his dog in his car, pulling a trailer of my stuff.

The Oak Square Y in Brighton was one of my first sights of my new home. Was pretty darn exciting. And Atsuya, one of my unmet-til-arriving roommates, was the first to welcome me. It was grey and drizzly, in the 50s. Feels both near and far away timewise.

My today began well with an early wakeup, getting to watch the sky lighten, the first bird waking up. I even got syncopated purring from the flanking gatos, first alternate purring, then in unison. I was v tempted to spend the day in bed, so adorable are they, but then I got hungry. You know, priorities.

I shall attempt to celebrate with a picnic tomorrow. Naturally, New England weather isn't looking to cooperate -- rain and thunderstorms all day? No matter, my living room floor is almost the same as a park.

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