Friday, May 14, 2010

That Friday fade

... think it hits me fairly frequently, which is why the Friday post sometimes fades away as well. Might wind up trading it for a Saturday one or lump it in with The Weekender, we shall see.

Given the fade, not much energy here, but can offer a small workfront update. As freelancers have pointed out to me, the freelancing game is a lot easier, a lot more secure, probably a lot more enjoyable when you have some kind of anchor income coming in -- something part-time, might not be anything giant or exciting, but some sort of steady income you know will be coming in.

As I got closer to smaller bank account balances, this logic is beginning to make a lot of sense to me. It doesn't change the dream or plan; I'm loving the freelancing and think it's viable, there's plenty of work out there, it's just finding it, and for a lot of reasons, that's tough to do -- doable, but not easy. As a side note, as money gets lower, I speculate there may be an inverse relationship to the amount of braveness and leaps forward out of my comfort zone to find clients. Oh, fun. But the point is, it takes time. And, having some kind of X monthly or whatever-increment of known income would ease some of the scary, while still keeping the dream, wonderful lifestyle, and plan alive.

So, I'm beginning to scout out part-time possibilities. Found an interesting one at MGH so applied for that today. Did some reaching out to a few MGH peoples I know; we'll see what-all that-all yields.

So, yeah, there it is. This doesn't strike me as deeply exciting or entertaining or a great story or even terribly interesting to you who are my beloved readers, but guess it's a little insight into the evolution of the income plan ... which is one of the intended points of this blog. It's just, you know, so much more fun to, I mean, I just adore talking about the weather (weather!) and general Boston craziness and for-real crazy guys on the street and the random wonderfulness of life and rowing and ... you know. But, work stuff today. I'll allow that's valid, too.

Good Friday night, all, happy happy weekending!

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