Monday, April 26, 2010

The Weekender: True Evil + Slip'n'Slide

This weekend was considerably less exciting than last weekend, I hafta say. But then, how does one match roller derby and homefried everything? Exactly. And sorry if you got all excited by the title ... it's a little misleading, but I'm telling you right up front.

We did have some nice weather. And, that gives me the segue to share this marvelous quote from Charles Pierce (oh, he's written all kinds of stuff and writes for the Boston Globe): "In reality, New England is where Persephone, Goddess of Springtime, comes every year to get drunk on Sterno and dance with sailors." Awesome, right? That Persephone, now I know who I'm coming back as in my next life.

But he was basically talking bout the craziness of, well, New England weather, spring in particular. He just said it better than I ever could. But it did make for some nice park lounging and Stephen King reading (last Dark Tower book!), which is always lovely. Except for the waking thought I had this morning about this way creepy True Evil being born as a baby who then turns into a giant spider with a baby's head somewhere on it who eats its mother as a first meal. That's a little creepy. But, it's King. And, really, what else would True Evil do but that upon being born?

Oh yeah, and I got a lovely letter from the wonderful State of California, who I'd been worrying about recently what with their budget and earthquakes and tsunami warnings, sending me a tax bill from 2006 (that's not a typo). During which I lived in Mass. And yes, filed taxes here. It appears my bureaucratic battles are just beginning. This is bad.

Oh yeah, and the darn SI joint slid. Right on down a Slip'n'Slide (or, what some of us call it yoga). Probably not yelling wheeeeeeee the whole way. But I've been chiropractored, so I'm patched back together for the now. Just in time for boxing. Yay!

Yeah, that's kinda the weekend....

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