Thursday, April 1, 2010

Saturn's rings, Jupiter's size, acupuncturist's needles

The big news from yesterday is that Mauricio let me read about ... space! As in, not spiders or scorpions or insects. It was an exciting day. He also insisted on reading some himself. Which is cute and endearing, albeit not quite within the scope of the program -- we're supposed to read to them. If this situation pops up, they suggest a compromise where we let the kid read chapter headings or something.

Which is what we did -- he read the stuff in big type at the top of the page ... OK, and maybe the lines under it, then I read the rest. Seemed to work. Tho I'm realizing now that the book was probably too easy if he could read most of it, except for the bigger, harder words (constellation, binoculars). But books with too many words and not enough pictures, he's not very into. I dunno, trial and error I guess.

So, I learned things! But did I retain them, well ... not much. I was surprised to read that Saturn's rings are made up of rocks, I think it was, of all different sizes, from tiny to big as a house. Swear to god. Also, one of those planets, Jupiter, I think, is so big all the other planets could find inside it. Dang. I should read more first-grade books.

Willa currently seems to be trying to mate with my gym bag. Huh. And is now peering intently into my face. She's a somethin' cat.

Only other excitement of the day came from wrangling with my condo insurance company, but that's the bad kind of excitement, so nothing I want to go into now. But, do some of those ancient, shuffling dances for me, OK? Doesn't look like they want to give me any of the few thousand I spent on our basement horror show last year (seems nothing connected to that can go well). Ugh.

Well, my acupuncturist did all kinds of magic to ensure I fall asleep easily, so I want to test out the magic. Right now sure feels like it'll work. *yawn* G'night, bed bugs and all that....

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