Friday, April 9, 2010

Life, it's good

It's a misty day. Supposedly rainy, but not that I've seen as of yet.

To keep my back all whole and everything, every day, I do this "chair position." Pretty sure I've complained, I mean mentioned, it before. It's not like it's painful or hard or anything. Well, hard in any conventional sense. What kills me, what's so hard for me, is that it involves ... lying there. Stationary. Not doing anything. Just lying! Do you see how this could be torturous?

I found it worked better if I was talking on the phone, so I could at least mulitask a little. But phone karma doesn't always work. And really, even then, if I'm on the phone, I'd rather be doing, in motion, something. So then I figured out I could read! Aha! Perfect solution, I just hold the book up above me and read, yay.

But then, then, my crafty chiropractor gave me a new little tool to help counteract this curving-inward forward-lean thing I have going (the tool's a little foam triangle, in case you're so curious, to prop at the base of my neck, get a little reverse gravity going). The problem? You guessed it -- no reading possible! And, I'm supposed to incrementally increase the time spent there, so I'll always be adding time to this nothingness of lying there, doing nothing! Torture! Torment!

You who may be meditators are likely laughing your asses off at me, but I don't care. It's terribleness.

So, I have my little daily character build that I really try to work on positive atttudeness toward (I try, I do), and then I get a reward when I pull the triangle out and read for the remainder of my minutes (heaven!).

So, all that is essentially a giant longwinded aside of a windup about, well, about me not liking to not be doing something, or to not have neither my brain nor body get to be doing something. And that double-negative rule doesn't apply there. It doesn't. My blog, my rules!

But the point, the point to all that was it was while doing my daily torture that I had this thought:

This life thing, it's pretty great. Really. Pretty darn great. Even the hard and the yuck and whatever-all-else, it's pretty great.

Pretty good giant aside to get to a one-liner, huh?

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