Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Squished-bug syndrome

You know how sometimes, you just feel like a squashed bug?

Or, maybe flattened, maybe flattened bug is more the feeling.

It's not so much that someone or something has gone and smooshed you or malevolently tried to crunch your little shell, it's just that somehow, someway, you wind up feeling like a little flat bug. No puffy life within you, no scurrying little feet to take care of your insect duties. Just flatness.

For the sake of survival, I think I'll go with a cockroach for my analogy, because they survive nuclear disaster and the ending of the dinosaurs, right? So, they can be flattened and then pop back up with scurrying, light-avoiding life tomorrow. That's my plan.

Uh, not the light avoiding, more the scurrying.

You're either nodding or thinking I should lay off the hallucinogens.

I think sleep deprivation may be contributing, so I believe I'll go work on that right now. Fixing it, that is, not on sleep deprivation.

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