Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just, things

So, what can I tell you of this nearly dwindled day?

Weather.com said thunderstorms, but weather.com lied. Oh, the betrayal -- my heart had leaped and hoped. It also says tomorrow will be 86 degrees. Uh...? And Thursday back to 60-something. How I love weather with variety and character.

And, I'd be really pleased with myself for my impressively scraped-up knees, except, people, they HURT. Scraped a raw patch on both of them from kneeing the cloth boxing bag (was a lot of fun tho, until rawness kicked in). And getting in a post-boxing bathtub with raw knees? Uh. HURTS. But then gets better.

Hm. Got repeat business from my first/favorite paying client, so that's super cool and exciting. More grant work -- great experience, so yay. Need to turn over more rocks and find more great folks needing my services.

Other than that, just in a bit of a funny space and not sure why. Little random things show offness, but they're not the reason why.

What things? Like, my awesome Monday boxing class, somehow left me feeling ... eh. Then, also Monday, I got my hair cut and hadn't meant to. Funny how that can happen.

Today, I got a parking ticket ... for parking in front of my own house ... in broad daylight. I kid you not. Will be fighting that one. Then I traumatized poor Sucio by setting off two smoke detectors in my house, not sure how -- toast that wasn't burned? Also, a positive one, but still random -- my neighbor took out ALL the trash cans. In ADVANCE of trash day.

I mean, the universe is on a funky tilt, folks.

And I just feel ... dunno, funny. Rowed this morning, and it was good, but my back felt a little ... slide-y, somehow, without actually feeling like things were sliding. I know that's weird and nondescriptive, but that's what I've got. Nothing to be done but proceed, see what becomes of strangeness....

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