Saturday, April 3, 2010

Friday = puff of smoke

Know how that sometimes just happens? You blink, maybe twice, and the day's over and it's nearly 10 and you're in your little downtown area and suddenly you desperately just need bed?

Such was my yesterday.

Good stuff, productivity, getting geared up to review a reasonably giant Department of Justice grant, working on making one article two for the wonderful Mssng Lnks, did some reachouts I've been a-fixin' to do for a while, some random other good stuff. Including starting to puzzle over content for my delayed website. Yep, time to do that thing. It'll be simple, the goal is to just get a starting start up.

There was even some semi-hot semi-sweaty yoga (there's no way that'll sound remotely like a good thing to those who aren't fans, but for the second week in a row, I'm finding it's a nice way to close out the week).

Been paying more attention to and puzzling over Twitter as of late. Just not really getting the value, y'all. I think most of what I see is so so, well, lame and so "here's what I did 5 minutes ago!" and "here's what I'm doing now!" and for the life of me, I can't figure out why the world needs to know that. But, I remain convinced there's gotta be some kind of a potentially useful nugget of usefulness there. So I'll keep looking. Am interested to see what companies do well with it, but not seeing anything light-bulby yet. As a strictly social thing, like Facebook, it's something I'm happy to do without. The trick is, is there a business use?

Also, did I mention my adorable mother sent me a box of See's (the best chocolate in the world, don't believe otherwise) dark chocolate nuts & chews? How adorable and awesome is that? I've gotta ration, I've gotta....

Which reminds me, Happy Bunny Day tomorrow, all, hope you get some good jellybean eating in (yes, that's the essential meaning of the holiday to me, since there aren't any kidlets around to horn in on egg dying). Oh, excuse me, there's also the chocolate bunny-ear eating, that's significant to the holiday, but I'm satisfied to have better bunnyearless chocolate.... (Two curled-up furballs flanking me say they can think of other delightful things to do with bunnys, but we're going to completely ignore that and stay with the happy illusion they're simply two adorable puffs of purring fur -- which they are, but dark sides, y'all, dark sides....)

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