Saturday, October 16, 2010

Photos (+ results) from the fight!

Belatedly, it dawns on me that I should offer some visuals from the awesomeness that was Fight Gone Bad. Right?

First link is still photos from my gym's FGB. Mercifully, I am barely featured! But they give a nice slice of the intensity.

If you want more, and more live action, here's a link to videos that gyms around the world made of their FGBs:

The fundraising went amazingly, to which I credit all you fantastic folks! My goal was $250; y'all stepped way the hell up and donated $740. ! ! Money well spent for some great causes. Thank you all so much, donators and not alike, for all your support, always.

Oh yeah, and I did the harder version (v glad I did) ... and my grand total was 199. Which made me laugh. Really? I didn't have one more rep in me?? Course, you don't know your score til after, but a good reminder/fuel for next time....

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