Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall! Head season!

No moaning & groaning about time elapsed since last post. Not gonna do it.

No tears spilling over how much I miss daily posting. Goes without being said.

What's new is fall. Here, most definitely. Trees are beginning to turn, one gorgeous red-leafed spotting so far, but just the one. Crispness underlies the air, even in the warm sun. Last night, a frost warning, lows in the high 30s. Also, the great fall marker: Head of the Charles season -- the banners are up at the bridges, making it official.

This morning was the second "Head of the Kevin," my club's awesome pre-HOCR race series, featuring a complex scoring system in which everyone races for points against the time standard for their event at HOCR. The Heads of the Kevin (named after their founder, who still runs them) are always grand fun, everyone gets really into it and smack talks all over our email list, there's a big breakfast spread after each one ... it's all generally excellent.

This one was particularly great for me as I got to race in it -- our masters 8 needed a sub, so in I went. Heading out my front door at 5:50, the stars were bright overhead, which made me smile. I do miss the consistent early team-rowing mornings, if not the sleep deprivation. No racing for me since last HOCR, so I was a little worried about, you know, dying, but it was fun! I mean, really painful fun in which you're gasping for breath and knowing you can't keep going except you do ... fun!

Every year, HOCR season plays out a little differently for me, and I never know in advance just how it's going to be. This year, it's not looking highly likely I'll race. It's possible, if I make weight, that I could race in a lightweight 4+. If. I've never made weight while lifting, and since I sure wasn't about to stop CrossFit, and the boat is iffy/not clear how it'll come together/definitely a "jump in and go" kind of thing ... I'm giving it a shot, but can't say I'm in the weight-loss business full heart and soul. Which I may need to be. But, I'm trying. That's all I can ask for. We start practices tomorrow, which means no sweep rowing for a year then BOOM! Go! Daily practices! Early in the o'dark mornings! Should be interesting.

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