Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fall, it fell

Except, naturally, as I write this, New England weather needs to mock me by being low 60s and sunny. Whatever. Generally speaking, I speak the truth.

More trees are looking gorgeous in their fiery fall finery (how could I resist that sequence?), we've had frost warnings, the building's radiators are most definitely on, gazing at a week's forecast, I'm now seeing highs in the 50s ... and I'm starting to freak about Pepper's miles (ah-gain). Yes, it's definitely fall.

Next weekend, Head of the Charles, yi. No racing for me this year, and I'm all right w/ that. I'll be on the course all weekend, soaking it up, screaming for Riverside at every blue-and-white stripey blade that goes by. Good times.

Happy Fall, y'all (it rhymes!).

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