Thursday, September 2, 2010

Summer's good-bye?

Today, languid with heat, 90-something, humid, maybe the fifth day like this? Tonight, tomorrow promises a break -- potentially a hurricane break.

I am taking tomorrow OFF. Off.

Which means I have a four-day weekend. Four days. I hardly know what to do with myself. Except, I know exactly what to do with myself -- get my life/act together! All that crap that's been sitting around, hanging on me, gathering dust in my brain, creating bad lurking consequences. Time to get that stuff done. And kick this cold. Day 3, sore throat is impressive, no matter how much tea and water I drink.

So, this is me, Labor Day weekend.

And today, I found out my boss is leaving the company. Hm. Surprises to come.

This weekend, there will be an exciting post on precisely what is is I do all day, since I somehow seemingly haven't told y'all! Thought I had....

Now, for some more Cold Care P.M. tea.

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