Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fall came visiting

Today, it was fall. A gorgeous day, sunny, brilliantly blue skies and fluffy white clouds, but crispness in the air and a cooler wind blowing all day. Fans off all day, jeans on, even a long-sleeve shirt when the sun hid.

I had dreams and goals and aims of productivity today. I did. And I made same little rivulet inroads, just not quite what I had planned. But I have tomorrow! Nothing like a deadline, is there?

Four days off has been sheer, pure heaven. Time to just be, and to live. Kicking the cold, bonding with the furballs. I belatedly discovered Willa started a hunger strike :( so I've been bribing her to eat again with tuna. Oh, gatos.

Part of what waylaid my productivity today was starting Run by Ann Patchett. Loving it. Been so long since I read a good book I could just fall into. And in fact, that's what's tugging me away, this very moment....

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