Wednesday, May 16, 2012


It's baaaa-aaack!

Yesterday, I suddenly realized with my newfound freedom (freeeeeeee-dom!), especially after sending many emails, texts and calls to update many fine folks on my situation that...wait, I had done this before...I had found a way, a better way for blog biscuit! Hi blog biscuit!

Of course, it's been so long, the setup is all new & different & confusing. So now I wanna see what this looks like...hang on (testing, testing...yes, I'm that guy now).


OK, that was a wild moment, there's this Preview button, which is exciting, but then I thought I might have to live permanently in preview land! But no, not really. I'm back. Again. 

So, I seem to know how to work this, sorta. So, I will say more explainy words quite soon. Will just let all those rust flakes drift to the ground first....

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