Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Big-lungful living

OK, sometimes resurrections are slow, gradual. You know that. Right? It's just been an odd kind of existence. The happy news is that there is a child on the porch shrieking "I love you!" to the world. No, he's not mine. Things haven't changed THAT much, y'all. And, OK, maybe he was shrieking that to his departing mom, not the world, but still. How can love being shrieked from a porch not be a nice thing?

So, yeah. I'm not-employed again!

OK, I had to go back to see what I said before so I didn't say it all again, but it turns out I didn't say much last week, huh? I said hi to my blog biscuit. That was nice. One should always say hi to one's blog biscuit. And then I had fun with the preview button. And now I'm sitting here writing about what I already wrote about, which you could see for yourself with a simple scrolldown.

Ooh, I just made this box expand in a big way. It was exciting.

So, not-employed. Yes! It is a majority happy thing. Freedom, crazy piles of work now toppled over and not my concern, company really not doing so well (30 layoffs day after my exit), a (very) poor fit with a new manager resolved. Now, the income stuff, that's, you know, the thing. I'm fine for awhile, but darnit if my retirement nest egg somehow isn't quite all the way there.... So, I shall be sorting that out. But doing a little big-lungful living along the way. You know--real breathing as the norm, not when you remember because you've been nearly hyperventilating all day from all the demanding emails you keep getting or your cubemate's annoyingness or endless meetings or whatever the case may be...walks every day, maybe just to the store or around the neighborhood, but outside, fresh air, natural light, no beige cubes...lots of gato time! (the gatos are highly in favor of this--more time to place demands)...rowing! actually rowing again more than a handful of times in a year, what a concept...continuing CrossFit as I'm able (most amazing people EVER at CrossFit Boston making this possible right now)...writing ! ! ! (like this! see me? with the writing?)...some adventuring & exploring of the free kind, always fun...seeing peoples...sorting out next-income...THAT kind of big-lungful living....

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