Saturday, February 5, 2011

When 4-leggeds aren't adorable

So, this morning, Willa, whom I generally adore, but who has been having issues lately, leading me to wonder if a cat can have eating disorders ... she barfed ... well, everywhere.

Multiple times.

This is a cat who shakes her head and runs as she barfs.

I'm sympathetic ... up to a point -- we all hate to barf, but you don't see the rest of us shaking our heads and running as we do so.

Anyway, I emerge from the bathroom after one of her barf-o-rama rounds and find she has barfed both on top of and -- wait for it -- inside my workout shoes.


Like, I look down into the shoe and see a puddle of cat vomit.

I take the poor shoe to the bathroom sink and clean it off as best I can, and as I'm peering into it, I see a stream of cat vomit flowing thru the length of the shoe. Yes.

What more can I say?

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