Monday, June 18, 2012


New colors! New pretty! Right? Yes? Let's just say yes so I don't spend the rest of my life wallowing in blog templates, shall we? The gatos really aren't wanting to live under a bridge, although I keep telling them they can catch fish for dinner and wayward rowers for snacks, but they don't seem to be going for it.

On the other hand, if this is garish and terrible, someone needs to tell me. And that someone might mean YOU because there may only be YOU reading this, got that?

Just so we're clear.

I've been meditating on job descriptions and what terribly odd things they are. They kind of started to confound me last week. But hopefully I've shaken that off.

OK, you know what's crazy? It's dark out and 9pm!! I guess I'll have to leave deeper thoughts for the moment and just prove to myself and you there, my one reader, that I didn't break the blog-biscuit utterly....


  1. so glad there is...uhmmmmmm in your life

  2. too??
    You're breaking the exclusivity spell! More than 1 reader, ackkkkkk!

  3. Like the new format. Just back from vacay and checking you out, my friend. Let's see if I can post the comment...

  4. Victory, it is ours!!
    Thanks, friend Anon.