Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday winddown

Gato time on the couch. There's purring. Shedding. Drooling. Kneading. Staring. Sometimes glaring. But contentedness, generally. It's pretty grand. I think Sucio is now double the size of Willa. sigh.

Out one window it looks to be dusk. The other, still late afternoon.

A Monday draws to a close. I'm grateful for a calm day, even as it looks like it'll heat back up to crazy. But crazy is relative, highly relative.

Mostly, I'm still working to find overarching peace and contentment in a busy working life, and a pretty simple life outside that. It's generally seeming to work, although there are dips. Last week I was just exhausted. So I switched to my "no less than 7 hours' sleep" rule, even if it meant missing a workout or something else. :( Looking to get back to a few early mornings, good workouts, a few down nights.

And that's kind of life! Exciting, no?

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